Central Entries Guidelines

2013 Entry Procedure

CENTRAL ENTRIES:07 5499 1700

E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WEDNESDAY:10.00 am - 2.00 pmTHURSDAY:2.00 pm? 6.00 pm

(You may find that by trying Central Entries on Wednesday it is easier to get through)

1. Your Name

2. Your Membership Number

3. Name of Rodeo

4. The Event/s

5. Open or Novice *

*Novice competitors must state that they are a novice when entering.


Special Conditions:

1.Entries will not be accepted if there are previous unpaid debts, eg unpaid entries, fines, bounced cheques.

2.If a rodeo is postponed after entries are taken, you will be notified if entries will remain or all entries cancelled and re taken ? depending on the time frame.

3. Entry times may be extended when entries are taken for more than two rodeos.


Your reference number is unique to you.? Without this number there will be NO investigation of your inquiry, should there be any problems with your entries at a Rodeo. Please have a pen ready and write your reference number in the space provided on the Central Entry Page of your newsletter.


All entries outside C/E Times may incur a late fine.? Late entries are only accepted until 12 noon on the Monday preceding the rodeo.? To submit a late entry please follow the entry procedure and they may be left on the answering machine on the C/E line or by contacting the office. ?Late entry is not a guarantee your entry will be accepted.? It is up to the discretion of the committees whether late entries are accepted.


Call back will be available on the Central Entries Line after 2.00pm Thursday (only on days of entries or during office hours).


It is up to each individual competitor to check the draw sheets prior to the commencement of the Rodeo to make sure that their nomination is correct.? Please see your event director if you have a problem.? After the Rodeo has commenced, no discrepancies will be looked into.

HOTLINE:0412 725 319 (Available on day of Rodeo only)

The NRA Central Entries phone will be available on the day of the rodeo only.? It is to be used for notification of any unforeseen circumstances.?


On the day of the Rodeo, you are required to pay your nomination prior to your ride at a rodeo. The members who fail to pay their nomination on the day of the rodeo will be monitored by our Central Entries Staff. Repeat offenders will have their privilege of paying on the day revoked and will be required to pay nominations prior to the day of the rodeo. In extreme circumstances nominations may even be refused. Please remember should you have any queries other than those related to central entries on the day; please refer these to your event director.



As of 2010 we have begun a new procedure for all Junior Rodeos. Junior Competitors must see the Central Entries Staff on the day of the rodeo to receive their wrist bands. Failure to have a wrist band before competing may result in the disqualification from your event by the officials. The wrist band is an indication that the competitors is officially registered in the rodeo and is fully paid up before competing in their event.


When cancelling, either by phone or answering machine, you must state the name of the Rodeo, your name, membership number, reference number and event.? Without this information, cancellations cannot be processed and will not be accepted. Cancellations before 12 noon of Monday preceding the rodeo will incur a $5.50 administration fee, which will accumulate and invoices will be issued after four (4) of such cancellations.? Cancellations after 12 noon Monday and before 12 noon Thursday preceding the rodeo will incur a committee levy plus administration fine (with or without a Vet Certificate)